Consider Videosecu Pj2w 1ca Projector Bracket For Robust Construction

To support your valuable projector, you need a bracket which comes with the best quality, including the construction and durability. You do not want to have your presentation paused as the projector bracket falls your projector. For the worst consequence, it can harm you if you are unintentionally under the device. Hence make sure you get the one with sturdy construction for safety.

We recommend the VideoSecu PJ2W 1CA for you due to the construction and features. You can take the following info to give you some ideas before you determine any projector bracket to buy. Save your projector by installing the device with a reliable bracket with sturdy construction. This can indirectly support your presentation and entertainment in your home theatre room.

This bracket is constructed with flexible mounting system that you can use for most projector model. The construction is made to fit any ceiling. This tool can be tilted and rolled to adjust one another. It is easier when it is compared to the clumsier adjustments needed for ball-and-socket mounts. You can adjust the height between the projector and the ceiling easily, from 16.9 to 25.6 inches.

It comes with an adjustable channel and ceiling plate. This allows the projector to be mounted at an adjustable height from the ceiling. The construction helps you adjust the swivel to go up or down, left or right for an accurate screen. The mounting interface is equipped with four double-jointed supporting arms which allow flexible positioning to reach almost any mounting point of the projector. Furthermore, every arm can be positioned to avoid covering important projector ventilation and access points used for lamp and air filter replacement. This minimizes heat build-up and maximizes lamp life. Its robust construction allows the mount to positively hold the projector fixed at nearly any angle.

Another specialty using this bracket, you will not find any difficulty in the process of installation as this one is made with features to support easy installation. When you order this tool you can get extension poll. The extra extension adaptor is also included with mounting arms removable and extendable. For the maximum load, with heavy duty steel construction, this bracket can accommodate projector with weight up to 40 lbs, or equals to 20 kilos. Other features of this projector bracket, integrated cable management and exclusive anti-slip adjustment system.

To summarize, sturdy construction is a must for any appliances mounted to ceiling. It is for safety of the device and yourself. As a projector is not a cheap device that you have to keep it carefully, so the bracket should come with quality, including the durability and construction. Make sure that your presentation works well with this projector bracket. At last, we concern the price as this is one important aspect to consider before one decides to buy something. Without sacrificing the quality, you can get the VideoSecu PJ2W 1CA in affordable price.

Before you determine the device to buy, you can explore some info on projector bracket in our article concerning also Sharp LCD projector. Thus you might find some ideas to get what you need.

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This is a continuation of a three year study of Bank Owned home sales for Folsom, CA. This report covers REO homes sold in August 2010.

There were 12 REO homes sold in August, up from nine in July. A small number compared to a year or two ago. Lenders are releasing these homes for sale at a very slow pace in order to avoid causing major problems in the housing market.

The average days-on-market for the month was 59, up slightly from the 54 days reported for the previous month. Two of the homes sold had been on the market over 100 days and one had been on the market for 259 days. Despite these few “stale” listings, 42% of the homes that sold this month had been on the market for less than two weeks. The clean, presentable homes sell quickly and those with problems take a long time to sell.

The 12 homes sold represent 24% of all homes sold in Folsom.

The overall home inventory in Folsom dropped slightly from a 5.5 month supply last month to a 5.1 month supply in August. These two months reflect the highest supply in over a year. The total bank owned inventory reported for August was a 3.3 month supply, down from the 4.7 month supply reported for the previous month. Although the supply trend for REOs is increasing over the past year the July number was double the average for the past year.

The cost per square foot of REO homes sold in August dropped significantly to $ 150 per square foot, down from $ 170 in July and $ 165 in June. It has been running in a narrow range of $ 176 to $ 150 over the past fourteen months, so August was a new low. The cost per square foot of all homes sold in August was $ 173, down one dollar from July. REOs were a much better buy in August.

The difference between the cost per square foot of REO properties and the cost per square foot of all properties sold indicates that REO sales represented a 13% savings for REO buyers. This is the largest margin in some time.

The overall sales price for REO homes was 97.9% of the final asking price, and 50% of the buyers paid more than the asking price for their bank owned home in August. There was a $ 23 dollar per square foot savings in the purchase of REO homes, compared to the cost of all homes sold. When we apply that price difference to a 2500 square foot home it represents .

$ 57,500 savings, something worth considering when selecting a home: not a small sum.

If you have any questions about purchasing a Folsom REO, an REO anywhere in the area or are just looking for the best buys available feel free to call us at (916) 337-0658.

Mike West is the Real Estate marketing director whose informative website covers Cameron Park Real Estate where you can find more information on El Dorado Hills Bank Owned and El Dorado Hills REO